See, you are already free! | Hans Knibbe

See, you are already free! | Hans Knibbe

Dit Engelstalige e-book is verschenen in april 2017 en is uitgegeven door Asoka i.s.m. Stichting Zijnsoriëntatie. Het boek is verkrijgbaar via Asoka voor € 8,99.


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Dit e-book kost € 8,99

See, you are already free! is het eerste Engelstalige boek over Zijnsoriëntatie, schets van een non-duaal pad. Het is de vertaling van het prachtige Zie, je bent al vrij! van Hans Knibbe.

See, you are already free!

Do you know moments of spontaneous happiness, unbidden freedom and wholeness? Would you like to understand them and give them more room in your life without becoming “Eastern”? Then the original and modern Being Orientated approach developed by Hans Knibbe can offer you a wealth of insight and methods. Hans Knibbe has combined his training as a psychologist and his dedication to Dzogchen into an accessible and practical path of the art of enlightened living. In this book, he concentrates on the recognition of the free, nondual ground of our being and shows how we can continue this recognition in our everyday lives. As you read it, the book has the potential to awaken your enlightened nature in such a way that you will gain an inner understanding. In that sense, it is as much a study book as a meditation-inspiration book.

A clear, very readable book about a very difficult subject. It is about the essence of spirituality.
—Nico Tydeman

This is a book that should not just be read, but above all be lived. That is the appeal with which Knibbe ends his final chapter. I am especially grateful to him for that.
—Ton Lathouwers

Hans Knibbe (1949) is the founder of Being Orientation and spiritual leader of the school for Being Orientation, which he founded in 1987. At this moment, his work consists of giving retreats, workshops and supervision.

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See, you are already free is als e-book verkrijgbaar bij Asoka voor € 8,99: Bestel het e-book

Hans Knibbe
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